Damien Carney's 10 Ways You Can Use Dry Shampoo

Lauren Salapatek | March 27, 2013 | 9:33 AM

Damien Carney's 10 Ways You Can Use Dry ShampooJoico International Artistic Director Damien Carney is a raving fan of Joico's new Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo. “This ‘dry cleaner’ for hair is a great way to save time and help hair styles last longer, especially on long photo and video shoots or fashion shows where you sometimes have to restyle and work hair day after day” he says. “And that’s just the beginning—I’ve discovered many ways that Instant Refresh can be used in the salon and at home!”









Damien Carney's 10 Ways You Can Use Dry ShampooHERE ARE CARNEY'S 10 TIPS: (Carney reccommends Joico's Instant Refresh)

Refresh Your Extensions: Shampooing with extensions can be cumbersome and it can also disturb the bonds, so try using dry shampoo! Tip head upside down, spray the scalp area and press dry shampoo into the scalp with fingers. It removes oil, as well as make-up and other debris around the hairline.

Soothe Your Scalp: Instant Refresh’s aromatherapy properties soothe and control inflammation caused by extensions, overzealous brushing or combing, or too tight ponytails and buns.

Stretch Out Your Blowout: After investing in a great professional blowout, skip tomorrow’s shampoo and extend the life of your look with dry shampoo.

Get Out of the Gym in a Hurry: Squeeze in a few extra set of reps, then skip the shower and get to your next appointment. Dry shampoo will absorb oil and perspiration and no one will know you breezed through the locker room.

Show up for your date looking and smelling fresh. No time to shower after work? Hit your hair with dry shampoo and zap away oil and the odors of the day—smoke, pollution, the greasy fast-food joint where you had lunch. You’ll feel fresh all night long.

Grip your updo. Strands that are too soft and silky tend to slip out of pins, causing upstyles to come undone. Dry Shampoo gives slick hair a touch of texture that makes it easier to style and secure updos.

Boost your roots. A few quick sprays of dry shampoo creates natural, lift at the scalp. Hair looks and feels fuller and is easier to style.

Spare fine hair. The last thing that fine, thin strands need is over-working in the shower. Give fine or damaged hair a break with dry shampoo. It will look fuller and feel fresh and clean.

Create “second day” hair any day. Mist hair with Dry Shampoo to help create fashionably disheveled styles that require a little extra movement. It helps produce a uniquely malleable texture that enhances definition and separation.   

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