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Pivot Point International Inc. Announces 2013 L.E.O. Awards

Lauren Salapatek | March 27, 2013 | 12:45 PM

Pivot Point International, Inc., Evanston, IL, presented two L.E.O. Awards at America's Beauty Show, March 10, 2013, during the company's annual Alumni Reception. The L.E.O. Awards represent Leadership in the professional beauty industry and Excellence in education from Outstanding Pivot Point alumni, while also honoring the founder of Pivot Point, Leo Passage.

“While Pivot Point is always looking to the future,” said Pivot Point Chairman and CEO, Robert Passage, who presented the awards, “We also acknowledge our past through the creativity and showmanship of two of our own who embody Pivot Point's highest ideals. When he founded Pivot Point, my father's vision was to inspire and train people to reach their maximum potential. That vision is our reality, as today we still recognize the powerful role that mentors play in the pursuit of every individual's professional journey."

A 2013 L.E.O. Award was presented posthumously to Xenon, who was Pivot Point International Creative Director in the 1980s. Bob Peel Jr., Xenon International Schools of Hair Design and Janice McCafferty, Janice McCafferty Communications, accepted the award.

On behalf of the Xenon schools, Bob Peel, Jr. said: “Xenon and I were great business partners. He motivated me to be more creative and do what was best for the students. I motivated him to think like a businessman. Leo was inspirational as a mentor while teaching us about the school industry.”

Also on behalf of Xenon schools, Kim McIntosh added: “As a student, educator and school owner, I enjoyed working with Xenon. He was truly an inspiration to our industry. His passion for students exuded in every facet of his being and was instrumental in the professional growth of our industry.”

Janice McCafferty noted: “I met Xenon when on a tour at Pivot Point to attend the Academy and from that day he became such a major part of my life and career. Together we worked on his educational shows, public relations and photo shoots that remain memorable to this day. For this, I owe a debt of gratitude to Pivot Point for the superior education I received and the wonderful people that became a part of my life."

Yolly ten Koppel, Pivot Point's current International Creative and Technical Director, received a L.E.O. Award as acknowledgement of her outstanding career as a hair designer, educator and for her own style of showmanship. During the ABS BeautyBASH the preceding evening, Yolly saluted Xenon in a touching and modern presentation, “Xenon: Re-imagined”.

In accepting the award, Yolly commented, “If I help educators become better teachers or teach students how to design hair or if I create a new hairstyle on a salon client—then I change lives. This is what I love to do. It is truly fulfilling, inspiring and makes every day a different experience. I only wish Leo were still here to share this award and this day with me, but I know he sees us from above. For Pivot Point to recognize me in this way is truly an honor. “

In conclusion, Robert Passage noted: “All our L.E.O. Awardees—past and present—are exceptional people who have mentored so many other successful professionals and provide a great inspirational example. We thank them for their passion for our industry and their commitment to creating an even better future for those that follow."

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