HOW TO Control Annoying Baby Strands Along The Hairline

Maggie Mulhern | April 5, 2013 | 6:45 AM
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Gregory Patterson, Lead Stylist of BlowPro, the premiere blow dry bar in the Meatpacking District in NYC, is frequently challenged with taming the baby fine strands along the hairline. Patterson  has come up with a fool proof technique to control those hairs that can mess up a perfect blow out or updo. "A day does not go by where I don't have a guest asking for help in getting those strands in place," says Patterson. "Here at blowpro it is one of the most common issues and problems we hear from our guests."

Patterson's method involves tension, stretching and patience. "It takes a lot of practice to perfect this technique," he says. "I recommend that until you are comfortable with this method  you work with a blow dryer on a cool, low air flow setting." Patterson starts with dry hair, tilts the head to the opposite side and then lightly mists with a smoothing lotion (Patterson uses blowpro's "you only smoother advanced smoothing spray"). A fine tooth comb is pressed on the scalp in front of the strands and then pushed into the strands. The comb is flipped and locked in to place. A blow dryer, with a nozzle, is placed directly in front of the strands which are then blown in to place.

Here Patterson breaks down the technique for both the front and the back hairline, and as a bonus, demos the method in a short video (less than three minutes!)

for the front:

1. Mist smoothing lotion over the fine baby strands along the hairline.

2. Tilt the head to the opposite side and place a fine tooth comb in front of the baby strands.

3. Slide the comb along the scalp through the baby strands, grabbing while directing in to the hair.

4. Turn the comb over into the scalp and lock the strands in place.

5. Using a nozzle, blow directly into the comb, securing the strands in to the rest of the hair.

for the back:

1. Tilt the head to the opposite side and lightly mist with a smoothing lotion.

2. Place a fine tooth comb at the nape, pointing up into the hair.

3. Slide the comb along the scalp grabbing the fine strands, directing up into the hair.

4. Turn the comb over into itself and lock the strands.  Blow dry, directing up, into the comb.

To learn more about blowpro, blowpro products and the blowpro academy, go to:  or

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