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RISING TALENT: A Career in Applying Eye Lashes

Lauren Salapatek | June 20, 2013 | 1:38 PM

RISING TALENT: A Career in Applying Eye LashesSelected as the NovaLash fan favorite lash artist in 2012, Katie Kapoutsos has another accolade under her beauty belt: a pick from renowned wedding website,, in their “Best of Weddings 2013” bracket.  With only two years in the industry, Kapoutsos is on her way to the top! MODERN asked this up-and-coming certified lash artist all about her career. For more information on NovaLash, visit

MODERN: What made you enter the lash business?

Katie Kapoutsos: Brides! As a hair stylist specializing in special event styling I was getting a lot of questions about eyelash extensions, but lashes were still so new to the East Coast. I knew I had to find answers to help my clients feel their absolute best on their wedding day. My curiosity and my research led me to Novalash—who only certifies licensed beauty professionals.

MS: How do you help a client decide which lashes are best for them?

KK: A lot of factors go into selecting the best lashes for the client including: what they do for work, how much make-up they wear on a daily basis, if they have a special event to go to, the look they want to achieve, and an analysis of their current natural lash condition. Based on all of those things, I pick the best length and thickness to flatter the client’s eyes as well as maintain the strength and health of their natural lashes. As part of the physician developed NovaLash technique, I always remember to use three different lengths and plenty of shorter extensions (8mm) to support the longer extensions to the best results and a satisfied client.

RISING TALENT: A Career in Applying Eye LashesMS: Do you do anything unique that sets you apart from the rest?

KK: I treat NovaLash eyelash extensions as a very high-end service and create a very peaceful environment and I make sure not to rush the client or the process. I let clients take breaks, stretch, have a cup or tea or sip on ice water. I let the client choose their own music, use a cozy blanket, and relax into their happy place while I transform their look.

MS: Do you see any eye lash trends lately? What are people asking for?

KK: Some people think eyelash extensions themselves are a trend—they aren’t! Enhancing eyelashes has been an age-old way to look younger and feel more vibrant. The hair stylist in me has really enjoyed the creativity of adding colored and candied lashes by NovaLash to the services I offer. I can choose lashes that compliment the client’s eye color and can highlight with 10-30 of these lashes per eye depending on the look they are going for. Clients love this add-on service!

MS: Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your goals for your future?

KK: I want to continue doing what I love—making women look and feel beautiful, while expanding my business and maintaining my own healthy balance in life. I am excited to continue hiring NovaLash certified enthusiastic and talented lash artists and expand The Lash Studio to new locations.

RISING TALENT: A Career in Applying Eye Lashes

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