Tips to Get Your Clients Wedding-Ready Skin (for Grooms Too!)

Lauren Salapatek | June 20, 2013 | 1:44 PM

Make sure your bridal clients including the bride AND groom having glowing skin on their wedding day is a must says Susanna DiSotto of Satin Smooth. Here’s her recommendations for how long in advance you should start skincare or waxing services on your clients.

Regimen for the Bride: Schedule skin treatments three months prior to the wedding date so that your bride will have at least three facials to condition their skin for their big day. If your bride has not been waxing regularly, offer to start a waxing regimen two months before the date to have them try out the treatment. Schedule a pre-wedding waxing service for two to three days before the wedding to ensure there will be no redness or irritation.

Grooming the Groom: For grooms, make sure they schedule a facial one month prior to the wedding, and he should repeat it about a week before the date. Grooms can benefit from waxing services with unibrows or ear and nose hair.

Tips to Get Your Clients Wedding-Ready Skin (for Grooms Too!)

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