HOW TO Be Discovered: Tips By Mary Wilson

Maggie Mulhern | June 21, 2013 | 5:51 AM

Mary Wilson, Farouk Systems Vice President of Marketing, has had a wonderful, impressive career. I spent some time with her in Las Vegas at the Miss USA competition and was fascinated by all of her wonderful travels and fun she has been having since first earning her license many years ago. Although Mary took a break the past decade to raise her son (with other salon star Phillip Wilson), she is now back in the business and willing to share her tips on HOW TO be discovered. While most salon professionals believe you must live in NY or LA to "make it", Mary points out that you don't. "I started in Iowa," she says. "It's all about what YOU are willing to do and your ambition. You must be the one to reach have to let companies know you are interested. Even in Iowa!"

In this short video, Mary shares her tips to success...HOW TO get involved with a company that will help make YOU more high profile to travel the world, get on stage, on TV, at fashion week and get the break you've been looking for.

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