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HOW TO: Braided Crown and Icy Red Formula

Maggie Mulhern | July 1, 2013 | 6:01 AM

HOW TO: Braided Crown and Icy Red FormulaRobert Brown, Goldwell® North American Artistic Team and owner of hairobert, was inspired by the military before creating this equestrian themed braided finish. Calling it "White Queen", Brown translated his idea with a color that is pallid and icy with muted coppers and burnished golds. The braid placement offers a nod to chess pieces with a braided crown elegance. Says Brown, “The look is timeless and easily suited for bridal or other formal styling. It can be ethereal with fuller texture as seen or sleek and chic with less texture and more shine."

Here he offers the HOW TO:

Braided Crown

Step 1: Naturally wavy hair is hand-dried and diffused to encourage natural movement.

Step 2: Apply a cocktail of Goldwell StyleSign Top Whip Strengthening Volume Mousse mixed with some blasts of Goldwell Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray.

Step 3: Take a slightly messy, zigzagged circular parting, sub-dividing it into pie-shaped sections.

Step 4: Create a French Braid along the part, feeding only from the hair INSIDE the circle.

Step 5: After completing the circle, use a crochet hook to feed the tail of the braid through the start of the braid to mix and blend the crown disguising the start/stop points.

Step 6: Using a small amount of Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish Brilliance Hairspray, use fingers to “open” up the braided crown to the appropriate size and reveal more of the looping effect.

Step 7: Take the remaining hair and sweep back and to the side. Ribbon loosely into a 4-strand braid. Push the braid up with more Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish Brilliance Hairspray and softly finger-tease the ends to keep it in place without a tie.

Step 8: Use a large curling wand and minimal hairspray in the fringe to keep the hairline soft and wispy.

Brown offers the Color formula:

• Natural level 6 w/ highlighted mids/ends.

• Targeted Shade - level 6 cinnamon copper with blackened gold accents

• Outgrowth Retouch: 25mls Goldwell® Topchic® 11P + 50mls 40vol

• Background Foundation: 40mls Goldwell® Topchic® 6KS + 40mls 10vol

• Accents: Goldwell® Elumen® 30mls [email protected] + 2mls [email protected]

• Blackening detail slices: Goldwell® Elumen® 30mls [email protected] + 5mls [email protected]


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