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Farouk Systems Establishes Partner Company in Turkey

Jan Hillenmeyer | April 10, 2013 | 7:59 AM

 Farouk Systems, Inc. announced its expansion into Turkey with the launch of CHI Cosmetic Import Export Industry and Trade Limited Company. The company, under the direction of Yasar Incesu, will provide manufacturing and distribution of FSI products in Turkey.

”We’ll be working with two electronics tools for environmental beauty in Turkey,” Shami says. ”The economy is great there-- one of the fastest-growing the world. I think we can share knowledge on how to improve our economy, as well.”

 Shami has already made three trips to Turkey to set up manufacturing and other alliances. ”There’s a big market into which I can expand Farouk Business Systems,” he says.

“This partnership supports our overall goals to strategically expand our international reach and enhance our brand presence for both CHI and BioSilk. We are always looking for ways to strengthen our competitive advantage and our international relationships have opened the gates for more commerce,” said Basim Shami, CEO of Farouk Systems, Inc.

The agreements were signed at the Houston-Turkey Business Conference, attended by the Consulate General of Turkey, the Texas Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and the Turkish Ministry of Economics.

“Farouk Systems is happy to sign a partnership agreement with Turkey in the presence of the Turkish Minister of Economics, Zafer Caglayan. We look forward to manufacturing Farouk Systems products and tools in Turkey and distributing these products throughout Europe and the Balkans under the brands of CHI and BioSilk Cosmetics,” said Farouk Shami.

An entire delegation of Turkish dignitaries was in Houston to usher in a new age of commerce with the establishment of direct service air travel from Istanbul to Houston via Turkish Airlines.

“This is a bridge between the cultures and economies making it possible for the US and Turkey to communicate and do business for the future,” Shami said. Visit

Farouk Systems Establishes Partner Company in Turkey

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