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Six Bright, Happy Nail Colors from Venique

posted by | April 10, 2013 | 12:43 PM

Six Bright, Happy Nail Colors from VeniqueAnything bright goes this season! Shiny or matte, bright nail colors have always been a fun way to show what was hiding under winter’s mittens, but 2013 is making brights chic for special occasion, too. Prada, Missoni and Dior were just some of the designers pairing bright hues with sophisticated fashions on the spring/summer catwalks. Venique’s Sweet Little Addictions will keep your clients right in style no matter what they have on their calendars!


Six happy colors make up the Sweet Little Addictions line:

• Give a Girl a Heartbreaker, teal that’s not just your average granny apple!

• Sugar Hi-Heeled, a blue that will sugar-coat your clients’ blues.

• Kara-Melt Chews, some soothing purple to melt cares away.

• Sugar on Hi-Platforms, perfect for giving toes a bubble gum “sugar high.”

• Orange Strap Wedges, a wedge of orange sunlight to brighten even a drizzly day.

• I’m a Sucker for Wedges for clients who can’t resist a deep, playful hot pink.


Make Sweet Little Addictions a focal point in the salon or at your station! Create your own display by surrounding the nail colors with colorful candy, and bring more attention by adding shoe styles in bright-shade wedges and heels.


Venique’s intricate, fun, candy inspired display showcases the Sweet Little Addictions colors at their prettiest. Be on the lookout in social media for some creative nail art designs this spring. You’ll love introducing these inspirations to clients! Like Venique on Facebook for lots of colorful ideas, contests and quizzes.

Six Bright, Happy Nail Colors from Venique



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