2013 Fashion Frenzy Finalists Announced

Lauren Salapatek | April 16, 2013 | 10:54 AM

Cosmoprof has announced the Fashion Frenzy finalists, a student-exclusive hair styling competition. The six finalists will compete live on stage at the Intercoiffure Spring Symposium (May 19-20) in Hollywood, Florida for the chance to win big prizes from the competitions sponsors, Aquage, Wella and Farouk.

 “The competition is Cosmoprof’s way of creating another opportunity for students to showcase their talent, get exposure to top salons, and breeds the potential for apprenticeship,” says Tracy Pell, Director of Marketing. “We are hoping that this contest not only gives up-and-coming stars in the industry an opportunity to be mentored by industry icons, but also give them their first chance to be recognized for their talent by others in the industry.”

Each of the finalists will blog about their entry and will showcase their work at the finale for a chance to win the grand prize: $500 CosmoProf shopping spree, a photoshoot with acclaimed industry photographers Babak and Luis Alvarez, co-founder of Aquage. The grand prize winner will also appear on the September cover of the CosmoProf Shopping Guide.


About The Finalists:

 Samuel Wilson

 “I have always had an affinity for all things fashion. I can find inspiration in almost anything I see. Everyone wants something different and I don’t believe in cookie cutter styling! My passion is to bring out the beauty that lives within us all. Beauty is only skin deep, but not everyone gets the opportunity to see the soul! I believe that looking your best is an expression of what is within!”

2013 Fashion Frenzy Finalists Announced

About the look: “To achieve this look I applied a 6RV with 40 volume developer to my mannequin. The mannequin’s hair color was a Level 2 before processing. I also used a lightning cream along the bang and side perimeter. After processing, I applied red to the highlighted area to achieve the vibrant color. During the blowout, I used serum to add shine and smoothness. Starting at the nape area I pulled all the hair to the occipital and pinned. I began forming large curls and pulled the sides back incorporating them within the design. Moving to the front I used the remaining hair to archive the bold front curl.”

Jessica Fair

“I started doing hair when I was about 10-years-old and it’s been a passion of mine ever since. I’m currently furthering my education at Empire Beauty School of Lehigh Valley. Doing hair is how I let my mind escape and run wild with creativity, this will never be considered a job to me it has always been my greatest love.” (SCROLL TO RIGHT FOR PAGE NUMBERS)


2013 Fashion Frenzy Finalists Announced

About the look: “First I parted the hair into three horizontal sections. I made one part behind the ears straight across and another part in the back of the head straight across. I then took the middle section and split it in half equally, and made two French braids (which you form into a ponytail). I then took a piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrapped it around to hide the rubber band. With the remaining hair I spiral curled half and pinned it in all different directions. Then, I divided the last three pieces of hair, sprayed them with holding spray, and flatironed them so they could stand straight out.”

Then I took the lower section of hair and divided it into two unequal sections. I took the smallest section, which was on the left side of the head, and French braided it up. Then I pinned it to the ponytail leaving the end hanging. I took the rest of the hair and braided it to the right, and rolled it and pinned it to make a flower effect. For the front of the head, I backcombed the middle of the hair. Finally, I made a large twist and pinned the twist portion on the front. Then, I made a braid on the side and wrapped it in the same direction.”

Erin Phenix

“I grew up an athlete, putting all of my efforts and passion into my swimming career. I was successful in the athletic world winning a Gold Medal in the 2000 Olympics. I am now pursuing my new passion as a hair stylist extraordinaire at Regency Beauty Institute in Duluth, MN. I love every minute of it and I hope I can be as successful in the beauty industry as I was in my athletic career.”

2013 Fashion Frenzy Finalists Announced

About the look: “First I started by lightening the sections I wanted to color from a Level 3 to a Level 9. I used balayage with the lightener to get a more blended look with the colors I added in. I then added teal to the back pre-lightened sections and alternated using blue and teal on the front sections (doing so will made the colors intertwine in the braid.)

For styling the back, I used a smoothing putty to smooth each section into elastics. I then pulled the hair loose at the end of each elastic to get a more dramatic look. I micro-crimped small sections of the front to get more volume out of the pompadour braids. I then made two fishtail braids coming down the front of the face and pulled each section of the braids loose to get volume and height in the front. Then I brought the braids across the front of the face and intermingled them to get the pompadour affect.” (SCROLL TO RIGHT FOR PAGE NUMBERS)

Anna Peters

“I am new to the hair industry and recently became an apprentice through Durham College. I have been working in this industry for almost a year now as a second career, and truly love the experience, diversity and on-going education that comes along with being a new stylist. I truly have a passion for what I can learn and perfect with each and every client I see. This is my first competition and not my last, but I am very optimistic for what I can create. The possibilities are endless…..”

2013 Fashion Frenzy Finalists Announced

About the look: “I started at the back section and cut my first three sections with 0 elevation and little tension, cutting straight across I continued the next sections starting my graduation at a 45-degree angle and continued all the way up to complete the back sections at the 45-degree angle. On the side sections, I used the guide from the back pieces and cut an angle forward, using 0 elevation. For the color, I bleached and lifted her to a Level 7, and used violet in the front left areas, and a copper for the remainder of the hair.” (SCROLL TO RIGHT FOR PAGE NUMBERS)

Chelsea Hall

“I am a Thinker, Designer, Believer and Achiever. Ever since I was a little girl I have been experimenting with hair, paints, dyes, fabrics, wax, leather, wood and even food. I created projects with any medium I thought would work, never really following directions, instructions or recipes. I have always created my own way of doing things. In life I have learned it can get one in trouble from time to time, but in the end, I have learned both ends of the spectrum making me stronger and more knowledgeable about almost anything. If something doesn’t work, I learn to change it a little and move forward. I am a very determined and driven person with a lot of patience. I am very optimistic by thinking anything is possible.”

2013 Fashion Frenzy Finalists Announced

About the look: “For my ‘Head of Roses’ look I bleached the hair twice to get the lightness I desired. Then I parted her off into different sized sections, flatironed each section into a curl and pinned each curl into a rose form cascading toward the right side. I refrained from using bobby pins and only relied on hairspray to finish off my look. I do have another version in which I took four different fashion colors, hand painted the sections and then recreated the same look. The final result was kind of a rock star Barbie style with the circus rose effect, however the pictures that I have uploaded have a classier more elegant look that I feel reflects my style better.” (SCROLL TO RIGHT FOR PAGE NUMBERS)

Valentina Perez

“I am a full-time student at Tricoci University and I am a couple of months away from my graduating date. I started in the cosmetology program right after graduating high school. My goal at first was to finish the cosmetology program, and be able to have a back up career. Now things have changed and I have noticed that the beauty industry has many ways to help me succeed in life. With the help of my mother I am seeing everyday that the beauty industry was a great thing for me to get involve with. One thing that happened to me a couple of weeks ago was that I had the chance to be a model at America’s Beauty Show! With this experience I now know there is a lot out there for me.”

2013 Fashion Frenzy Finalists Announced

About the look: “First I curled three strands of hair in the front. Then, I sectioned a triangle at the front, created a bow, and left a small section out to create a braid (which I used with the bow later).

When creating the bow, I made a ponytail, divided it into two, and then curled both strands so I would have better control. I pinned both sides and after that I used the braid I had left to pin it between. On one side I created three braids, one near the bow and the other two near the bottom. After this, I did a side ponytail incorporating the braids and curled the pony tail and pinned it randomly.” 

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