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HOW-TO: The Sidewinder Braid and "Curl Hawk"

Lauren Salapatek | April 17, 2013 | 1:46 PM

Sebastian styled at the spring/summer 2013 runway shows, partnering with designers like Mara Hoffman to create looser, slightly rebellious locks. For special occasion season, show clients that you can create these trends and ensure that they look perfect—perfectly undone, that is!—all night long. To keep the messy bun, braid or faux-hawk in a lasting hold, depend on Shaper Plus hair spray. Mini-sizes are key for clients attending all-day weddings, taking a springtime cruise or being the dancing fool at prom and Sweet 16s.


A medium-hold working hairspray that works best on fine-to-medium hair, Shaper is great to use for versatile styling as you blow-dry or flat-iron the hair, or to set the finished look.

Shaper Plus, a strong-hold finishing hair spray, works best for medium hair and guards against humidity for up to 24 hours.


Special occasion season presents an opportunity to give clients a reason to visit you in be- tween haircuts. Create a special “dry styling” service promotion centered around prom, Mother’s Day or bridal; switch up the theme every few months.


Sebastian’s Shaper floor display unit holds 36 cans of Shaper. In addition, you can design your own special event show-stop- ping displays with “stylist-picked” products that hold the look all day/night long. Rotate what you fea- ture every month or two to keep it fresh and relevant.

HOW-TO: The Sidewinder Braid and "Curl Hawk"GET THE LOOK: THE SIDEWINDER

STEP 1: Mix a dab of Craft Clay with Potion 9. Apply to damp hair and blow-dry.

STEP 2: Spray Shaper Hairspray on entire head.

STEP 3: Using a medium-sized curling iron, curl big sections of the hair.

STEP 4: Take a 2-inch section along the front hairline and leave it out.

STEP 5: Take a middle mohawk section 3 to 4 inches wide all the way down to the nape. Split into two sections, and twist and rope together to the nape. Then fishtail-braid the remaining hair to one side and tease ends to secure.

STEP 6: Expand the silhouette, using your fingers to create a mohawk shape.

STEP 7: Incorporate the front and side section by twisting small sections, using more Craft Clay and Shaper Plus to form and fix the shape.

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