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Acknowlegement: Simple Leadership Philosophy

Bonnie Bonadeo | April 23, 2013 | 7:51 PM

Most of us are befuddled when it comes to leading and managing people;however, there is one simple rule, Acknowledgement, genuine,authentic and coming from a place of truth and if you can’t find a truth, then keep searching.  There is always good in someone and your job as a leader is to have others follow your lead which means constantly and consistently finding the moments of good in others. 

 I witnessed this at Cavalia, Odesseo, the most beautiful display of horses, trainers and talented humans all doing athletic performances that wowed the audience every minute of the show. When the horses did a trick or completed a choreographed act, the trainers would go to each horse and pat them on the head, possibly provide them a little treat as well.  Not some of the time, all of the time and to every single horse, it took seconds to do and you could almost see the horses smile for a job well done.  The humans had a different way of receiving their acknowledgement, it was called applause, I know some of you were thinking pay and yes, I’m sure they get paid too, so every time a human did an amazing gymnastic trick or ride a horse doing a handstand, we the audience would clap and they knew we were happy with their performance.  

Acknowlegement: Simple Leadership Philosophy

 Of course, this was a beautiful show and elegant performance queued and timed to perfection, not every day work and problems in the real world but imagineyou finding something awesome about your staff everyday and really meaning it.  It might be a personal compliment or an awareness of theirclient’s hair, or catching someone doing a positive expression of your brand, culture orexceptional customer service.

 As the leader, it is your job to define the rules, the culture and the expectations.  Not some of the time but all of the time. During my leadershipworkshops it seems, I spend most of the time coaching and guiding people on how to manage the difficult conversations, but I can tell you if you add acknowledgement and authentic compliments to your day it will make the difficult conversations so much easier to have and complete because your people will feel heard, valued and respected.

 So here is the shameless promotional message, join us for L.E.A.D. Leadership Education and Development, May 19-21 and get all the coaching and guidance you need to understand happy acknowledgment plus mastering the art of authentic communications and how to have the difficult conversations.  Now the moral to the story, People don't want to feel, let down, put down or shut down We avoid being great leaders for fear of failure, not being liked and feelings of overwhelm.  Shift the approach and reframe your style to control the culture through acknowledgement, grow your people through repetitive and positive behaviors and create action as a leader that others want to emulate and follow.

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