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Arrojo Academy Offers Boot Camp

Jan Hillenmeyer | April 25, 2013 | 11:01 AM

Arrojo Academy Offers Boot CampNick Arrojo, stylist, salon owner, educator and celebrity hairdresser with an amazing list of accomplishments to his name, is the most proud of his Arrojo Academy in New York City. The Academy opened in 2009 and offers 17 different seminars covering all aspects of hairdressing and attracting hundreds of hairdressers each year.

“We teach techniques that improve stylists’ work on the salon floor,” says Arrojo. “Our passion is for hairdressers to leave the academy with greater creative inspiration and stronger technical precision. One hairdresser at a time, we are raising the standards of craftsmanship and creativity in the industry—it’s an incredibly inspiring part of my brand.”

According to Arrojo, the biggest success story among all the Academy seminars is Boot Camp. Boot Camp features classes five days a week for a month and lets participants learn, practice and master Arrojo’s precision-based hairdressing method. Boot Camp was established five years ago and always has a waiting list, prompting the Academy to offer the course twice in 2013. The spring session began April 21and will run through May 16. The summer session is scheduled for July 28 – August 22. The four-week Boot Camp includes classic scissor cutting, advanced razor cutting, basic to advanced color techniques and editorial styling. The course concludes with the creation of a complete look that represents the scope of Boot Camp education.

“Boot Camp is great for new cosmetology graduates who want a jump on the competition and for stylists who are keen to refresh and improve their skill set,” says Arrojo. “It is a way to go from good to great, from potential to realization. By providing intensive, immersive education that is designed to give hairdressers more fulfillment, reward and success for their work, Boot Camp personifies the vision of the whole Academy. We want hairdressers to be better hairdressers because we love what we do. Our work is creative, fun and we get to make people look and feel beautiful.” Visit

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