4 Tips to Keeping a Redhead's Tone and Color Looking its Best

Lauren Salapatek | April 25, 2013 | 11:29 AM

Red hair color can turn out beautiful on your clients, but as we all know, the tone and color itself can be hard to maintain. Aloxxi Celebrity Colorist Marco Pelusi, from Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, predicts that reds will continue to be the “it” color clients will be requesting during Spring/Summer 2013. When we asked Pelusi to offer us some redhead tips, here’s what he said:

TIP #1: Refresh red hair using a demicolor. The absence of ammonia, combined with conditioning properties, is what makes demicolor a safer choice to refresh redheads, especially damaged red hair.

TIP #2: Advise your clients to maintain their rich beautiful red tone, but returning every four to six weeks. Many redheads today require gray coverage, and therefore need a permanent hair color on their new growth.

TIP #3: Apply a separate formula for the ends of the hair—this is what minimizes damage in the hair, and is what separates the professional red color from the home hair color.

TIP #4: With spring and warmer months ahead, the sun is the biggest problem with red hair color fading. The sun can cause dry, brittle ends, fading to a yellow-orange tone (brassiness) and frizz. Swimming in a pool can add dryness and negatively affect red color. The answer for your red clients is to “condition, condition, and condition!”

COLOR STATS: To achieve the highlights in the hair color below, Pelusi used Aloxxi Lightener with 20 volume Aloxxi developer. Toned with Aloxxi Tones 8K and Tones developer.

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4 Tips to Keeping a Redhead's Tone and Color Looking its Best4 Tips to Keeping a Redhead's Tone and Color Looking its Best

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