HOW-TO: Achieve Pastel Pink Hair Using PRAVANA Vivids

Lauren Salapatek | April 25, 2013 | 12:46 PM

HOW-TO: Achieve Pastel Pink Hair Using Pravana VividsBRAVO TV's Shear Genius Season 3 winner, Brig Van Osten transformed her fan Lilah's hair into pastel pink for her 16th birthday.

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FORMULA: Equal Parts ChromaSilk VIVIDS Pink + ChromaSilk PASTELS Pretty in Pink

STEP #1: Part hair into four sections.

STEP #2: Take a slice of hair and place onto foil.

STEP #3: Begin application of PRAVANA Pure Light Powder Lightener and 20 volume developer, off the scalp through the ends.

STEP #4: Turn brush vertically and stagger the application 1" off scalp. This will create a grown out effect.

STEP #5: Continue slicing all of the hair in each section.

STEP #6: Lift hair up to a Level 10.

STEP #7: Shampoo hair and blow dry.

STEP #8: After hair is dried, part into four sections.

STEP #9: Apply PRAVANA VIVIDS Pastels Pretty in Pink + VIVIDS Pink Mixture all over hair for 20 miutes, no heat is necessary to process.

STEP #10: Rinse color with cool water and condition.

HOW-TO: Achieve Pastel Pink Hair Using Pravana VividsHOW-TO: Achieve Pastel Pink Hair Using Pravana Vivids


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