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Salon Target's Software Through a Kiosk

Lauren Salapatek | April 26, 2013 | 8:46 AM

Salon Target unveiled its salon management software and targeted digital signage at the International Beauty Show in New York City recently. The software allows salons an untapped digital advertising revenue stream, a product and service promotional tool and a salon management software—all-in-one.

The heart of the Salon Target product and software package is the company's patented touchscreen Kiosk. The size of a large tablet, the Kiosk installs at every workstation in the salon. At the Kiosk, the client is treated to a steady stream of targeted “infotainment” content, digital advertising and personalized product and service promotions through the appointment.

As part of the Salon Target management system, a personal profile is created for each client by their service provider—which includes a profile image and contact information along with hair and product preferences and/or concerns. When a client is checked in at a station, the digital advertising engine can match advertisements to that client's preferences.

"No where else in the world of digital signage can a business target their advertisements with such pinpoint accuracy," says company co-founder, Anthony Masciarelli. "Local business owners immediately see the value in this new marketing channel, creating a sizable revenue stream for the salon."

In addition to local business advertisements, the Kiosk screen can also display targeted products that match a client's profile, as well as service promotions and last-minute services—all of which can be controlled and managed by the salon owner. Selected “infotainment” will also appear on the screens, including news headlines, tweets and sports updates.

"We're putting power into the hands of the salon owner, but we're also empowering the salesperson in each stylist by letting the Kiosk do the bulk of the product and service selling," adds Masciarelli. "So not only will Salon Target bring in digital advertising revenue, it will also increase a salon’s average ticket boost product sales and help the stylist book new services for the salon.The Kiosks make it entertaining as well, so it engages clients to the screen while educating them on the products and services offered by the salon.”

The package includes set up of a private and secure wireless network and router, which enables wireless communication between the front desk and all of the Kiosks. Each salon employee receives a personal PIN, allowing the employee to log into any Kiosk to access his/her daily schedule, client profiles and to keep track of product sales and service bookings. The intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy for the stylist to add products to a client's shopping cart, re-book services, view client's hair preferences and receive messages from the front desk and the salon owner.

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