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How To: Sanrizz Artistic Team's Fusion Cutting Step by Step

Alison Alhamed | April 26, 2013 | 11:05 AM
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The cuts featured in the Fusion collection created by the Sanrizz Artistic Team feature double cuts and duo textures fused together.

The result produces dual angular cutting techniques, providing an alternative addition to classic styling.

The bold color is a result of fluted and fused techniques that dominate the color palate of cranberry cherry red.


How To: Sanrizz Artistic Team's Fusion Cutting Step by Step


1. Working a diagonal section in the front, create a guideline below the jaw line.

2. Continue directing the hair onto existing guideline.

3. Following a diagonal section from ear to center nape, create a strong design line.

4. Continue working tight into the hairline, allowing a small amount of
elevation to create softness. Connect onto existing guideline; this will create a twist in the balance.

5. Wrap the section around the head and make sure projection is minimal.

6. Place the parting behind the ear, cut guide for the second side. Use the jawline as a reference.

7. Define and straighten outline shape.

8. Elevate angle through the fingers and overdirect all hair to behind the ear.

9. Follow until all hair from the crown is over directed onto the guide
behind the ear.

10. From the guide behind the ear, connect the side lengths. The angle
must be square and sitting at the base of the ear.

11. To exaggerate the length in the front, wrap the hair around the head and over direct to behind the ear. Extend the angle to suit the required length.

12. Wrap all the hair around the opposite side making sure there is a clear connection from one side to the other.

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