3 Tips on HOW TO Make Yourself, Staff and Clients Happy

Maggie Mulhern | April 30, 2013 | 12:07 PM
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Lynda Wallace, author of the best selling "A Short Course in Happiness", knows that there are times that beauty professionals are challenged at work..either by colleagues or clients. Here she offers three tips to happiness for salon professionals, and in a bonus video offers a happiness overview and additional tips.


1. Remember why you do what you do.


Most salon professionals knew from an early age that they wanted to make a career in beauty. So take a moment each day to appreciate that you found a way to make it happen, and to remember what drew you to it in the first place.


2. Steer people toward the positive.


Most of us get our greatest enjoyment from connections with other people. But eight hours of hearing clients complain about their jobs and families would wear anyone out. So ask your clients questions that will get them to tell you positive stories – about their vacations, their favorite movies, just about anything they’re looking forward to. They’ll feel a lot better when they walk out, and so will you!


3. Think big.


Feeling like our work is meaningful is one of life’s great sources of happiness. So when you think about the purpose of your work, think big. You’re not just using your technical skills; you’re helping clients feel good about themselves. Every time you help a client feel beautiful for a date, confident for a job interview, or ready for the beach, you make the world a happier place. And that’s something you can feel great about.


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