Dita and Pamela Style? John Blaine offers the HOW TO

Maggie Mulhern | April 30, 2013 | 2:41 PM
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John Blaine, celebrity hairstylist and Creative Director of Obliphica Professional, was on hand recently to create sophisticated finishes for clients Dita Von Teese and Pamela Anderson. Blaine, one of the busiest and most well rounded hair professionals in the industry, has dressed the tresses of just about every star in tinsel town and his work has been published worldwide.

Von Teese and Anderson were in NY for a promotional tour and Blaine went Hollywood to create the beautiful finishes. Here he offers the HOW TO get the look, but emphasizes that "All beautiful styles start with healthy hair":



1. Prep hair with Obliphica Professional's Intensive Nourishing Shampoo and Hair Mask.

2. Mix 2 drops of Obliphica Professional's Treatment Serum and styling cream and evenly distribute throughout damp hair.

3. Blow dry 2 inch secgtions with a boar bristle round brush, elevating up from the scalp.

4. Wrap the hair in one inch rollers, wrapping down and away from the face. Spritz with a heat activated hairspray to set the curl.

5. Set a blow dryer on LOW and dry the hair.

6. Gently remove the rollers and apply one last layer of hairspray. Using a bobby pin, direct the hair back into waves or pin a tight curl above the ear.


for Pamela Anderson: PINUP BOUFFANT

1. Shampoo and condition the hair with Obliphica Professional's Treatment Shampoo and Hair Mask.

2.Mix 2 drops of Obliphica Professional's Intensive Serum with a volumizing product. Evenly distribute throughout the hair.

3. Have the client flip her hair upside down and blow dry with a round, boar bristle brush. Twist and curl each section in different directions to create a variety of waves and texture.

4. Using a 2 inch curling iron, curl random sections of hair. Blaine's secret tip: wrap some tight and some loose optimal texture and volume.

5. For the updo, direct one side, twist in to a loose bun and secure with bobby pins.

6. Take some of the remaining hair and create a layered "net" over and around the bun.

7. Take the remaining locks and loosely pin random portions to create height near the crown and along the rounds of the head.

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