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Behind the Cover: May 2013

Maggie Mulhern | May 2, 2013 | 12:04 PM

A classic storyboard is a poster filled with photos and images designed to inspire the beauty and fashion team. It may be used as guide or just to stimulate conversation, ideas and creativity. For Ted Gibson’s latest shoot, featured exclusively in the pages and on the cover of MODERN, the storyboard was a giant, three-sided poster dominating the Eagles Nest studio in New York City, where Gibson and team assembled to create the imagery for the Ted Gibson Advanced Academy. No matter which way you turned the storyboard or inspiration board, it was either in view or reflected in mirrors and windows.

Ted Gibson is a strong believer in utilizing a classic storyboard. “It helps in the creative process of a photoshoot,” Gibson says. “Storyboards are a great way to help create a vision for yourself to decide what direction you want to go in.” While Gibson does not try to recreate the images on the board, he references them to guide his team or even add a little oomph to his own work.

Prior to the session, Gibson and team spent weeks tearing out pages from Vogue, Italian Vogue, Jaleous and W magazine from the early- , mid- and late-’90s. “Choosing images and tearing out those photos from magazines can inspire, create and elevate you to the edge of genius,” Gibson says. “As you can see from these photos, we pulled images that expressed ’40s and ’60s modernism that we interpreted in many different ways. Beehives, structured waves, bold make-up…it’s all brilliant.”

One image on the board that seemed a bit out of place was of a baby with a yellow Mohawk. “I love that photo,” Gibson says. “It’s from an old Italian Vogue and I just kept wanting to add a caption: ‘Don’t cry about your hair like a baby.’ The image is so fun and reminds me about when I first moved to New York’s East Village. There were brightly colored Mohawks everywhere. It’s a classic look, yet the power color makes it so modern.”

When asked if Mohawks will be taught at the Ted Gibson Advanced Academy, Gibson said “Of course. We are going to cover everything…even baby Mohawks.”

—Maggie Mulhern

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