Fusion & Decibel Ready-to-Wear Looks from '13 Wella Trend Vision

Lauren Salapatek | May 2, 2013 | 1:03 PM

Wella Professional’s Trend Vision Award Competition challenges stylists to create a look based on this year’s theme, “The Sound of Color,” bringing together the richness of visuals and music. This Spring/Summer, Wella has introduced its Upbeat Collection, which features two of the looks from the 2013 Trend Vision collection: Decibel and Fusion. Fall/Winter will feature the other two looks, Echo and Allegra, in the Soloist Collection. Both the Upbeat and Soloist collections feature ready-to-wear looks inspired by Trend Vision avant garde looks.

Prizes will be awarded in three categories: Color, Young Talent and Student. The deadline to submit the Trend Vision application with a photograph of your look is May 15. Apply online at


The Trend: A mixture of Asian experimental spirit and Western high culture. This trend embodies the contradictions of a modern day geisha meets club girl.

The Hair: Faded, pastel shades soften an irregular intuitive placement of stronger tones in porcelain, olive, willow, tobacco and plum. Shapes are influenced by pagodas and geishas punctuate the color.

Fusion & Decibel Ready-to-Wear Looks from '13 Wella Trend Vision


The Trend: A woman who is digitally inspired and futuristic. In this magnified reality, the style and color collaboration pay tribute to the ‘70s glam period.

The Hair: Color is comprised of vibrant, neon hues. Rich browns, eggplant, turquoise and sulfur bump up against faded, washed-out shades. Edgy, daring shapes reveal the clashing tones.

Fusion & Decibel Ready-to-Wear Looks from '13 Wella Trend Vision

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