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HEALTHY HAIRDRESSER: Achieve Your Health Goals With More Fitness

Rosanne Ullman | May 3, 2013 | 8:51 AM

HEALTHY HAIRDRESSER: Achieve Your Health Goals With More FitnessIf you were one of the millions who resolved to get fit in 2014, give yourself the best chance of keeping that resolution. So many things can derail you—snowy roads, the typically overcrowded gym in January, a heavy work schedule due to a January hair color promotion, friends bailing on their promise to jog with you, kids sick and home from school—but that’s never going to change. Only you can change.

Healthy Hairdresser is here to help you achieve your health goals! NYC exercise physiologist and trainer Dr. Scott Weiss, a member of the United States sports medical team for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, has some advice for all of us trying to work out our workout:

• Set realistic, short-term goals. We all get discouraged when we fail, so give yourself plenty of time to achieve little targets. As you reach them one by one, you’ll see that they begin to add up to bigger milestones in the long term.

• Tell people and/or hire a trainer. It’s been shown that we’re more likely to stick with goals when someone’s holding us accountable.

• Move a little every day. On days that you can’t do a full workout, jump around, walk stairs, do some stretching and bending—anything that gets your body energy going. Trick yourself by keeping supplies you need frequently on high shelves and in bottom drawers!

Certified personal trainer Mike Giliotti has some tips for dealing with gyms’ busiest month of the year, when seeing a line at the treadmill might discourage you. Rule 1: avoid peak hours.

“Get up extra-early to be there right when the doors open,” Giliotti suggest. “Or figure out a way to squeeze in a workout during your lunch break.” He also suggests swapping out the in-demand treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes for a run outside or at a public running track.

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