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Hairdreams Extensions Given Royal Welcome at Harrods London

Anne Moratto | May 6, 2013 | 2:13 PM
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Charles LeMindu
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Harrod's Urban Retreat
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Hairdreams Extensions Given Royal Welcome at Harrods London

The Urban Retreat at Harrod's London department store is a pampering palace--22,000ft, including 32 beauty rooms and 45 styling stations. Overlooking the bustling streets of Knightsbridge, Hairdreams Hair Extensions have found a home in this fifth floor beauty sanctuary and hairdresser Charlie LeMindu has found a clientele that loves the looks he creates with Hairdreams.

Hairdreams Extensions Given Royal Welcome at Harrods London




"Usually when I work in Harrods, I use Hairdreams‘ Microlines top hair-piece for high-fashion girls who want lots of volume which I find is a new trend," says LeMindu, an aritst famed for his Fashion Week styling including his work with Lady Gaga. "It‘s amazing how easy it is to take care of Hairdreams extensions . Also, I do the traditional bonded Hairdreams  for everyday clients who want more length. It‘s very important for those people who come to Harrods to find the best quality in service, so we offer Hairdreams as they expect the best results."



LeMindu also works out of a studio where, he says, "It's a lot of Quikkies tape-in extensions as I have more fashionable people coming in and they like to have they hair done quickly and look fabulous."

A much-requested look lately has been looks from the 1960's including the Beehive for which LeMindu utlizies the Microlines.

"I need to use Hairdreams because I show collections in haute couture and haute coiffure," says LeMindu. "For me haute coiffure means the best of hairdressing.  When you see hair in fashion, you want the best quality – the best texture, shine, length, cut and colours. My collaboration with Hairdreams is perfect for this.  For me, the superior quality of Hairdreams has its place in Haute Couture and not ready-to-wear as it is a luxury brand."

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