HOW TO: Andy LeCompte's Perfect Halo Braid

Maggie Mulhern | May 11, 2013 | 11:29 AM
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Andy Lecompte has learned that he doesn't always have much time to create a beautiful finish for his celebrity clients. He has developed his skills and has come up with a bag of styling tricks to work out something fabulous in a less than ideal setting, and in a short period of time.

Lecompte was recently in New York helping to introduce the new Wella Oil Perfections to the press. When Modern asked him to do something special using the oil, he grabbed PR associate Kylee to demo not only the product but a favorite halo braid. "This is quick and easy," he says, "and perfect for going out...or even staying in!" According to Lecompte, using oil in a braided look is essential. "It helps to build the hair," he says, "to add shine, grip and texture. It's a classic styling product...something every woman and every stylist should use."

Lecompte is able to create this look in less than 4 minutes (its worth it to view this video) and here are the steps pulled from the video.

1. Add Wella Oil Reflections to the lengths of the hair. First place a couple drops in the palm of the hair, emulsify and rake through the strands.

2. Begin the braid at the temple, angling down and back, directing to just below the occipital.

3. Braid back in a French Braid style below the rounds, working around the head from one temple to the other.

4. Blend up over the top of the head, leaving out the fringe and braiding until you run out of hair.

5. Take a clear elastic and secure the ends. (tip: tint elastic to match the color of your clients hair).

6. Take the end of braid, tuck and pin to hide.

7. Go around and "open" the braid by pulling the sides.

8. Take the fringe and tuck behind the ear, making sure to leave an "undone" feeling.

9. Spray with a holding spray.

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