HOW-TO: Daisy's Faux Bob From The Great Gatsby

Lauren Salapatek | May 13, 2013 | 8:07 AM
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It's a popular American classic that combines enlightenment with enchantment. The Great Gatsby, which debuted in theaters this weekend, depicted the story of Jay Gatsby's (played by Leonardo Dicaprio) desperate quest to win back his first love, Daisy (played by Carey Mulligan,) while addressing the themes of the importance of honesty, temptations of wealth and the struggle to escape the past. If you have read the novel, all of the glitz and glamour definitely shined through in the recent film, especially in the hair, make-up and fashion.

MODERN was granted this how-to from CHI on how to re-create Daisy's Smooth Faux Bob look.


1920's Daisy - Smooth Faux Bob

STEP 1: Create a side part. Part the hair into three sections, one in the back and two side sections using your side part as a guide. Starting from the back, smooth hair with CHI Hairstyling Iron.
STEP 2: Direct ends inward.
STEP 3: Continue to smooth with the CHI Hairstyling Iron until both front sections are complete.
STEP 4: Same as step 3.
STEP 5: Smooth any flyaways with Farouk Royal Treatment Truffle Foundation.
STEP 6: Lift the back section and spray a strong control hairspray underneath.
STEP 7: Tease the bottom layer towards the scalp and cover the remaining hair on top.
STEP 8: Roll the back section up and inward at the nape. Pin to create a faux bob. Repeat on sides if necessary.
STEP 9: Shape the fringe into a smooth wave on the right side of the face. Secure with a hair clip and spray with a strong hairspray. Let sit for 10 minutes or until set and remove the clip.
STEP 10: Add accessories for extra '20s flair.

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