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Double Vision: Sanrizz Artistic Team's Duo Cutting Technique

Alison Alhamed | May 14, 2013 | 9:21 AM
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Hair: Sanrizz Artistic Team
Creative director: Sharon Cox
Photography: Andres Reynaga
Make-up: Lee Pearson
Fashion styling: Valentina Turbini

The Double Cut hair cutting technique created by the Sanrizz Artistic Team creates a finish that can be worn in an edgy fashion, or as a more commercial look.

This “duo” technique produces dual angular cutting techniques and styling opportunities for your client.



1. Working above the ear, create a guideline following the natural angle of the cheekbone.

2. Clean and define for strength.

3. Place a diagonal section across the head, combing hair into direction of the existing guide. Connect to the shortest point above the ear.

4. To create forward graduation, create the guide for the second side using a reference from the longest point of the fringe.

5. Comb hair opposite the section forming a triangle, and create the guideline, this will retain maximum length.

6. Overdirect hair to the center of the face, keeping the position constant, finishing at the center back.

7. Comb the hair down through the fingers cleaning and defining the outline shape, removing excess graduation.

8. Placing a diagonal section at the top of the ear. Comb hair down into the natural fall to create a parallel one length outline.

9. Comb and connect all hair onto existing guide.

10. Following the guide from previous side connect to create parallel one-length outline.

11. To create a balance on the second side use the same triangle procedure.

12. Take care to retain the length in the base and do not remove at the corner as this will make the shape too round.

13. Combing all hair directly out from the head, create a square internal guide line giving a internal balance for the shape.











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