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Bridal Glory by Gay Dering Kisbey

Jan Hillenmeyer | May 15, 2013 | 12:24 PM

Bridal Glory by Gay Dering KisbeyNothing says June like a romantic bridal look.  Gay Dering Kisbey, owner of The Beauty Kasbah in Sonoma, California and a platform artist for Pureology, created her Bridal Glory finishes after being inspired by 1940s vintage “victory roles.” The glamorous rolled hair was a staple of World War II era movie stars, “pin-up girls” and all fashion conscious women.





Bridal Glory by Gay Dering Kisbey“I wanted to play with the classic shapes, but still take advantage of the texture in my model’s hair,” says Kisbey who created these looks at MODERN SALON’s most recent Artist Session, where stylists learn how to plan and execute an editorial photo shoot.

Kisbey added, “I wanted to achieve simple but contrasting shapes that work will together. Adding netting and flowers give it definite bridal attitude.”



Photography: Roberto Ligresti  

Make-up: David Maderich for

Fashion Styling by: Rod Novoa

Satin wedding dress: Vintage Christian Dior, strapless: Calvin Klein.

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