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Pravana Vivids Blue and Green: Cut and Color How To

Alison Alhamed | May 21, 2013 | 1:30 PM

Pravana Vivids Blue and Green: Cut and Color How ToMODERN Instagram follower Stefani Picchi, @shearmadness13, uploaded this before and after to MODERN's hashtag #hairdressermagic--and it immediately caught our eye. We knew we had to track down the cutting steps and color formula.


"The client was wanting to grow out her hair but willing to let me shape up her cut to enhance the color,” Picchi says. “So, we cleaned up her baseline by a half inch. Using that as a guideline, we pulled small vertical sections to 45 degrees and gave her a slight graduation. Nothing drastic, since she is growing it out. Still, this gave her a nice shape.” Then, she continued with vertical sections across the back. Then, connected the sides to the back by overdirecting her hair. "This really gave the hair movement with customized deep texturizing, point cutting and slide cutting in areas that it was needed," she says. Finally, Picchi added a little style to the one side by slightly razoring around client's ear, per her request.


The client had existing level 7 with some natural and some box tint. Picci first lifted her hair with Paul Mitchell lightener dual purpose to level 9/10 (bright yellow). Then she toned with Mild Violet at the sink. Then, she diluted Pravana Vivids Blue and Pravana Green with white conditioner and applied in mini halos around the hair. "Also a diluted Blue Haired Freak from Special Effects was added and balaiaged in," Picci says. She finished by rinsing with cool water.

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