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How I Met Your Client

Carlos Valenzuela | May 24, 2013 | 7:41 AM

I did not steal your client, although you hint and act like I did. I may be guilty of asking if there was some confusion in coming to me, and in the process hearing why she stopped going to see you. I am not sure any of this is factual, because I was not around for any of it, but here is what she said to me:

 How I Met Your Client

I stopped going to see my ex-stylist because I became invisible. The first appointments, about a year ago, were good, although, in retrospect, I never was offered styling options or given what I hear people call a full consultation. However, my hair turned out nice and I got several compliments on the color, all of which I enthusiastically shared with my ex-stylist.

My subsequent visits reminded me of what developed with my ex-husband, so maybe I am being unfair. I had been married for a little over five years when I became invisible, and that certain forced way of being greeted, listened to and included developed. I won’t stand for it, much less pay for it. Just so you know what clients think, I will share my laundry list with you, my new stylist:



My ex-stylist:

  • There was no enthusiasm to your greeting. I was a number
  • You quickly started shampooing and doing your work
  • Never a pause for new ideas or suggestions on my style
  • You seem bothered by my bringing in a photo or a magazine style
  • There is enthusiasm with others, including other clients not shown to me
    (This is so ex-husband).
  • And, I really did get the same style every visit. Some may want this. I made it clear I would like variations.

You may be thinking I am a grouch, difficult, controlling woman. This is not my method and not what people tell me. I work in human resources and am an attractive, in demand, and generous tipping client.

  • My new stylist is professionally polite.

  • It’s obvious she likes what she does and is into it. Not you.
  • She shares trends and ideas from shows and seminars she goes to.
  • She is popular with the salon team. Everyone likes her.
  • My new stylist records all my formulas, suggestions
  • I now book online appointments that go to her cell phone. She replies within the hour. This you never offered to your clients.
  • I get silly birthday wishes and she remembers important events.
  • When I went to visit you I felt like you were doing me a favor. Seriously.
  • When I visit my new stylist, she acts like I am the most important person in the world.


This is an actual conversation I had with a very attractive and smart woman. I didn’t have a recorder, so I paraphrased some of it, yes. All of what she said is true and has value to all stylists.

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