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PREMIERE ORLANDO: How to Create a Customized Side Part For Men

Lauren Salapatek | June 2, 2013 | 5:57 PM

In TIGI’s “A Gentleman’s Consideration: Clipper Cutting Class” at Premiere Orlando 2013, class members got a taste of what’s popular and current in men’s cuts. According to TIGI, today’s modern man has legitimate grooming concerns. Attention to personal detail gains him an individual identity. Develping a specified and discerning approach to men’s work is essential in today’s salon environment. The technical presentation of today covered clippers, and detailed shear instruction.

One of the highlights of the class was how to create a customized side part in a male client’s cut. It was a popular topic, in which everyone crowded around to take a peek. With any client that you are working on, this is one of the final steps you take to detail and add character to their hair. The first step, is to move the hair out of the way (if there’s longer hair on top) with a comb. Then, determine how wide you want your side part to be. (There should be a natural parting line between your client’s hair you are holding out of the way and the hair underneath, this is where you want to do your side part.) Then, with the tip of your clipper you gently tap against the head. If you want to widen it then you gently move the clipper up and down.

So, what about re-growth? It should grow back in about 1-2 weeks (men’s hair grows pretty fast). This is a good thing though, because if your client really likes the side part look you gave him, he’s going to come back to get a touch up!

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