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PREMIERE ORLANDO: How to Determine Curl Patterns by Ouidad

Lauren Salapatek | June 3, 2013 | 5:36 AM

PREMIERE ORLANDO: How to Determine Curl Patterns by OuidadMorgan Willhite, Creative Director of Ouidad directed a class on curly/textured hair at Premiere Orlando 2013 recently, and taught how you can define different types of curls (wavy, tight, kinky) and which products you can use with each type to reach the best result.

1st MODEL: Classic Wavy Curl: Use a product that hydrates and protects the hair, but be careful of its weight if you want a looser, wavier look. You don’t want the curls to bottom out. Ouidad uses the “Rake and Shake Method” on wet hair to make sure the product distributes evenly and gives a long lasting result.  

2nd MODEL: Tight Curls: Use more moisturizing products on this type of hair. Naturally the texture is a little coarser, and the curls are tighter. This type of hair gets frizzy easily. Try using a leave-in conditioner like the Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Gel. This product helps hydrate and define the curls without the crunchy look or feel.

3rd MODEL: Kinky Curls: You want definition and softness in these types of curls. You also want to keep them hydrated. With texture that’s a little finer or has porous ends, you want to prep the hair with a product like Whipped Curls which allows you to get a clean, even canvas. So when you apply a product you will get that soft even look from roots to ends.

MEN’S HAIR: A lot times people don’t define curls with men, but a lot of men have curly hair. They like to define their curls but they don’t want their curls to look overly defined. Also, they don’t want too much shine or stiff curls. Ouidad’s Styling Soufflé will help form the curls, separate them, and dries soft like a leave-in conditioner. You can get that soft definition they want.

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