HOW-TO: Pool Hair Makeover With a Full Twist

Stacey Soble | June 4, 2013 | 3:07 PM

HOW-TO: Pool Hair Makeover With a Full TwistGrowing up with diving coaches as parents, Olympic springboard diver Cassidy Krug dove into the sport at age three and didn’t retire until after she competed at last year’s London games, where she fi nished in 7th place. “Just getting on the Olympic team was amazing, it was the experience of a lifetime,” she says.

But a lifetime spent in the swimming pool left Krug with severely damaged hair. Fortunately, Krug met Karie Bennett, owner of the Atelier Salon and Spa in San Jose, California, as a fellow student in a Writer’s Studio at Standford University. While in the class, Bennett interviewed Krug about making the 2012 Olympic diving team, but she also began plotting a post-Olympic makeover. “Cassidy had worn her hair in a ponytail everyday for years, since she was in the pool so much. The thought that her hair was saturated with pool water on a daily basis and that she had never known her hair without that chlorine sheen made me think about giving her a chlorine removal makeover in addition to a great cut,” says Bennett.

To create a healthy palette before Krug’s new cut and color, Bennett first gave Krug a Malibu Makeover, a treatment that removes chlorine and minerals from the hair, prior to creating her new look. “When she touched her chlorine-free hair for the fi rst time, Cassidy said, “It feels like a whole new head of hair.”

Recently, Krug was busy training celebrities for ABC’s Splash, reality show where celebrities compete in diving. CLICK HERE to see which celebrity visited Bennett for a Malibu Makeover.


HOW-TO: Pool Hair Makeover With a Full Twist

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