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ARTIST SESSION: Vintage Hollywood HOW TO By Ali Tilton

Maggie Mulhern | June 6, 2013 | 9:34 AM

Ali Tilton (also known as Alley Cat) of Bangs Salon, Dayton, Texas, was thrown a curve ball at ARTIST SESSION when her model called in sick. A replacement model was sent, but the very gorgeous blonde had one inch regrowth forcing Tilton to reconsider her original idea.

"I had a choice," said Tilton. "I could spend a couple hours running out to get the color and doing a retouch, or I could use some pre-colored extensions to hide the re-growth. That option  would save so much time and force me to more creative around the hairline." Creative she was, adding wefts throughout and draping one across the front hairline to serve as a fringe and a root cover-up.

Make up artist Rebecca Mullinix added a strong red lip to embrace the overall glamorous look. "Red lips are synonomous with Hollywood glamour from the fifties," she says, "And we really wanted to make those lips stand out. Our model is just so gorgeous that it was hard to go wrong."

Two videos here (each about one minute) offer great background to this shoot:

1: an overview of the final look

2: a HOW TO layer extensions to hide roots. (This one includes formulas!)

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