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Assembly Salon's On-Trend Braid and Ponytail Bar in Beverly Hills

Anne Moratto | June 7, 2013 | 8:40 AM
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Assembly Salon's On-Trend Braid and Ponytail Bar in Beverly Hills

Assembly Salon opened its braid and ponytail bar in Beverly Hills this spring, tapping into the braid craze and capitalizing on a style-conscious cities' constant quest for the best and latest in beauty.  

"I wanted to launch a braid and ponytail bar because I feel the effortlessness of these styles speak to the beachy, laid back lifestyle that the California woman has made iconic," says Owner of Assembly Salon, Jessica Jekkel. " We can easily and affordably add variety and options into our customers’ beauty routines so that a woman can reinvent herself as many times as she likes, without having to have her own personal beauty entourage!

Assembly Salon's On-Trend Braid and Ponytail Bar in Beverly Hills Assembly Salon's On-Trend Braid and Ponytail Bar in Beverly Hills

ZIPPED UP TOP KNOT: One key trend running through the salon is that styles are “artfully undone” – a bit unkempt and deconstructed. The menu of services, developed by celebrity/editorial hairstylist Jacqueline Bush, includes intricate braided updos like Sienna Miller’s signature “Crown Braid”, as well as fishtail braids recently worn by Blake Lively and Lucy Lui. Blowouts include the effortless, swept-to-one-side “Over the Shoulder”, as recently red-carpet spotted on Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain, and make-up looks inspired by the latest runway beauty include “Cat Eye”, “Natural Beauty” and superbright lips in Spring’s trendiest shades. A pompadour ponytail, the “Fun Pony”, was inspired by Bush’s client Jessica Seinfeld, while the intricate “ZippedUp Top Knot” resulted from a day playing around with models on a Lucky magazine shoot.

UNDONE FISHTAIL: "There is a genuine excitement from our customers about the braids! They love being able to choose from the menu of braids and ponies or be inspired by celebrity looks, the red carpet, street style and fashion runways to customize their own look as well," says Jekkel. "We have had women come in to get braids for everyday wear, for dates, concerts, and for more formal occasions like prom or weddings. They have a universal appeal in terms of their wearability, which is why we knew they’d resonate in the form of a braid bar! Women also come in groups to try something new with their friends – we’ve hosted birthday parties, engagement parties, and baby showers."

“No matter how much time and energy go into a hairstyle, it should always have an effortless feeling, leaving the client feeling sexy, without trying too hard,” says Bush.

Assembly is located at 250 S Robertson Blvd, suite B, in Beverly Hills.

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