HOW-TO: Melted Pink and Purple Subtle Ombre

Lauren Salapatek | July 23, 2013 | 10:27 AM

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Recently, I received a photo submission from Adeline Hutmacher, from Embellir Total Image Salon in Toledo, Ohio. To achieve this look, here's the steps that Hutmacher took:

STEP 1: On pre-lightened hair take thin slices around the head and slightly tease each section before applyling color.

STEP 2: For pink, use 1/2 oz Pravana pastel pink + 1/2 oz magenta. For purple use 1/2 oz Pravana lavender + 1/3 oz pink. For blue, use 1 oz Pravana blissful blue.

STEP 3: Apply each of the colors to your selected sections (your preference). Use a dry detail brush to feather out the line of demarcation on each foil and fade out each color.

To create this look, Hutmacher says she was inspired by two things: "Pinterest! I was seeing a huge trend with both pastel colors and modern style of ombre hair," she says. "I was also inspired by 4th of July. I love how fireworks look after they go off, they have a beautiful melting effect as they are fading away, kind of like this style." Hutmacher says the most challenging part about creating this look was capturing the melting effect and blending out any line of demarcation. "I had to make sure the color pattern made sense without it looking overly 'done.'"

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