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3 Insider Notes From Beth Minardi's Advanced Haircolor Soiree

Maggie Mulhern | July 30, 2013 | 10:41 AM

3 Insider Notes From Beth Minardi's Advanced Haircolor SoireeBeth Minardi held an intense color seminar for 15 elite harcolorists this week in NYC. The one day program covered color theory, technique and formulation with roundtable discussions focusing on color concerns and innovation. Modern stopped by and was there to get three insider notes to share:

1. Favorite color formula from the event: "Everyone is loving this sophisticated, sexy brunette that is rich and warm, but not brassy," says Minardi. "It has a soft shade on shade reflect.": Beth Minardi Signature Shades Permanent Creme Color: one ounce of 6BB and one ounce of 7ICE mixed with 2 ounces 20 volume Beth Minardi Developer. Process at regrowth for 45 minutes at room temperature. Glaze faded hairshaft with Beth Minardi Liquid Demi Color: 10G mixed with 5 volume developer... for last 10 - 15 minutes of processing time.

2. Greatest color concern: "Fear of poor gray coverage," says Minardi. "Fear of 'Hot Roots' when lightening from one shade to another. Fear regarding how to politely communicate desire to improve or change the client's current color..... I see a real need for INTENSE discussion of client relations and communication."

3. Most important take away: "We are here to elevate color to an art form," says Minardi. "Color is not 'static'. Changes in technology, new product introductions and meaningful exchange among other CARING career colorists is so important. If you are coloring hair the exact same way you did five years ago.... YOU are in trouble. Also, if the majority of your business is performing simple color retouches, and glazes (single process), you will NOT be a success as a colorist. Dimension is the name of the game!"

For more information for other Beth Minardi seminars, go to:, facebook: Beth Minardi, or follow Beth on twitter: @minardicolor

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