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Anne Moratto | August 1, 2013 | 2:16 PM
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See the final, beautiful photo of McMillan's station in the August issue of MODERN SALON
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STATION BREAK: Chris McMillan 















Chris McMillan, owner of his eponymous Beverly Hills salon, is a celebrity stylist for the Living Proof hair care line, famous for creating natural, sexy hair for a bevy of Hollywood beauties including Jennifer Aniston (he is credited with “The Rachel”), Miley Cyrus, and Michelle Williams. McMillan works out of his cozy hideaway when not on the road. “I had been looking for space for a while and hadn’t found anything that was perfect. I remember I was out on the balcony at the Four Seasons Hotel, I was doing a press junket for Legally Blonde, and I looked down and there it was. I went down to look at it and three days later we signed a lease.”   

His Buddha

The Buddha was a gift from a longtime client right when we opened. It’s been there ever since!

His shears

I use Omega shears and have done forever. I like them because they are big enough to get through a full head of hair while also being small enough to cut detail.

 The Living Proof Products

I always have Prime and Amp at my station. Prime works on any type of hair, so I usually prep the hair with that product before a blow dry. Amp is great to have on hand for short hair styling.

The lighting at his station

I have special filters on the light so they are just perfect. They seriously make everyone look great!

 The overall esthetic and set up of his station

I like to keep my station really clean and organized. I always have all my tools plugged in, in case I need them- a blow dryer, straightening iron, curling iron and clippers. I keep everything else in drawers to keep the space from feeling cluttered.


We actually found the fireplaces when we gutted the building after signing the lease. They had been covered up- and we just decided to keep them! They have a homey feel to them.

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