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What Is Your Strategy: The Importance of Having a Plan to Succeed

C. Jeanine | August 8, 2013 | 8:42 AM

Hello beauty peers!  I’m taking a break from the book excerpts which can be found in Industry In:Site, 101 Top Beauty Careers to shed light on an alarming topic  - Strategic Planning.  If you currently don’t have a five year strategy plan, stop what you’re doing and start planning.  Having a strategic plan is essential to having a long rewarding beauty industry career.

What Is Your Strategy: The Importance of Having a Plan to Succeed

Just the other day I received a FB message from a friend who is frustrated with her current role as a beauty industry professional.  She was on the verge of leaving this wonderful opportunity-filled industry to pursue some boring career.  I frantically gave her a call, and although she didn’t answer, I proceeded to leave a long message of hope.  The seriousness of this phone call took precedence over everything that evening – even my nightly call to my mama.  It was as if my friend was about to jump out of a window because she thought the building was on fire, all the while it was just a little smoke from burnt toast.

Stay in the building!  In other words, don’t give up without developing a written plan and putting forth all of your effort to accomplish the action steps within the plan.  Every beauty professional needs to have strategies for success.  Start today.  Begin by asking yourself five simple questions. 


  1. What type of job duties will I want to perform in 5 years?
  2. What are the educational requirements needed for this position, and have I already met these requirements?
  3. Do I know all of the career choices that are available within the beauty industry?
  4. What are my technical and business strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Do I believe that it is possible to have the career that I’ve always dreamed about?


Often strategic planning can take weeks, even months to fully develop.  These five questions are designed to cause critical thinking, which is the foundation of effective strategic planning.  Be serious and answer these five questions with optimism and conviction.  You’ll be well on your way to developing a solid strategic plan. 

For additional information and assistance on strategic planning contact me:

C. Jeanine Fulton

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