Sexy Summer Style on Ashley Benson at TEEN CHOICE AWARDS

Anne Moratto | August 14, 2013 | 10:56 AM

Celebrity Stylist Alex Polillo created a red carpet hairstyle for actresses Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars) at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards in Hollywood, with the help of a few of his favorite Joico products. Here are his how-tos:

Sexy Summer Style on Ashley Benson at TEEN CHOICE AWARDS

Ashley Benson’s Tousled Side-Sweep

1. Apply Joico JoiWhip Firm Hold Design Foam to damp hair.

2. Rough dry while twisting strands to create a solid, highly textured foundation.

3. Smooth front sections with a blow dryer and round brush.

4. Create a deep side part.

5. Create 1 x 1-inch subsections and loosely wrap each one around a one-inch curling iron. Before curling, mist each strand with Joico JoiShape Shaping and Finishing Spray. Wrap curls in alternating directions. When each section is curled, mist with JoiShape Spray and allow the hair to set.

6. Once hair has cooled, softly brush through to loosen the curls. Mist with JoiShape Spray.

7. In the front, wrap small sections away from the face. Work around the hairline, gradually reducing the size of the sections. Secure the roll with bobby pins about every inch and a half. At the nape, lift the hair and conceal the roll, securing the hair with criss-crossed bobby pins.

8. Mist the waved side section with Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo and finish with a pea-sized application of Joico Matte Grip Texture Cream to separate the waves.

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