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Spa News: Update On Spa Trends at ISPA

Maggie Mulhern | August 16, 2013 | 4:51 AM

Spa trends and ideas were shared and compared at the ISPA media event held last night in NYC.  Modern was there and caught up with Lynne McNees, President of ISPA who shared that the news is good in the spa world.

"Everything is trending up," says McNees. "More than 60% of our members are offering 30 minute treatments which is something we would not have heard of years ago. Managing stress is the number one reason most guests come to spas so the trend and the shorter treatments work out well for both the guest and the spa."

In this short interview McNees offers other trends, including:

- The spa industry is UP 4.7% from last year (up to $14 billion)

- There are up to 160 million spa visits per year, up 2.8%

- There are 19,960 spa locations, up .5% from last year

- The average revenue per visit is $87, up 1.8% from last year

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