The Secret to My Enormous Fortune

Carlos Valenzuela | August 16, 2013 | 8:49 AM
Carlos Valenzuela

Today, I received another email from Loretta Montrose-White III; who lives in Burundi and says, “Dearest One. My husband, an acclaimed brain surgeon, was killed during local civil unrest and am now a widow. I know not what to do with millions I have hidden in my house, due to fear of losing them to strangers.” Could I help her out, Loretta asks? Ah, the lure of easy money, buyer beware.

I admit to the purchase of a $400-million lottery ticket a couple of weeks back.
On the drive home, I began dividing up my enormous fortune, first my blow money, (this is money I will just totally waste) then, savings, charity, and people who need cash, etc. I caught myself thinking that I would really remain the same person, at least on the inside. Right.

How often I forget that there are only two ways to get rich, make more, or spend less. There is no allowance for the lottery or dear Loretta in Burundi.

  1. Cosmetology is a two-year course. First year you pay for your training, the second year you work in a salon for low wages to further your training. There are very few exceptions to this rule. So, don’t move out, buy the car or plan the vacation, just yet. Save your money, cut corners, be thrifty. Please schools, can you insert this in your brochure?
  2. You must build a clientele to make money. Duh, obvious, you say? Not so fast. Show me your client attraction, management, and retention ways. Do you show up daily, on time, and stay all day while you either work your clients, phone, social media, send reminders, do models, train. If you come in only when you are booked, your demise is eminent. 
  3. If you don’t make it, look for personal lessons to be learned, actions not to be repeated, and don’t just blame the industry.

How unfair? Unfortunately, cosmetology is a skilled craft and it takes time to get there. Master the craft, and you will do great. Until then, stay lean and mean. Your desire to do hair must exceed the need for making great money, at least initially.

Or, move to Burundi, where apparently there is lots of cash sitting around.


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