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Ask the Tex-perts: Joel Calfee

August 21, 2013 | 9:19 AM

Ask the Tex-perts: Joel CalfeeJoel Calfee

Lead Styling Artist for Agave Healing Oil

Fall Forecast: I predict we’ll see loose waves that have a slightly deconstructed feel about them—es¬sentially, waves that are inherently natural-looking. This is a switch from the structured curls we’ve seen in the past, and we’re moving from a manmade feel to an organic feel.

Exciting product to share with clients: The Agave Healing Vapor Iron allows users to infuse the hair with moisture as they straighten and smooth. Hydrating the hair when smoothing makes the hair less easily affected by humidity and allows the hair to stay sleek and smooth longer.

Curl creed: Changing texture or the way the client styles her texture is the fastest way to change how she feels. That client comes in as a wife and leaves the chair feeling like a girlfriend! Curls can be very fun and flirty for women. My motto is to brush ’em out if you’re going to the country club and finger ’em out if you’re going to the nightclub.

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