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Global Beauty: Farouk Systems 2013 Cancun Conference

Alison Alhamed | August 24, 2013 | 1:14 PM
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The 2013 Farouk Systems Conference at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico, brought together thousands of hairdressers and salon industry professionals from across the globe. This sold-out event hosts pros from more than 120 countries, all seven continents and from every area of the industry: from hairdressers, salon owners and managers, distributors, Farouk partners, educators and platform artists.

The event kicked off with a remarkable opening: Farouk Shami, founder of Farouk Systems, invited guest speakers and presenters to motivate and inspire the audience. TV personality and winner of Season 1 of The Apprentice Bill Rancic gave a moving presentation about his experience as an entrepreneuer and tips on how to become successful. For Rancic, it all started with a makeshift restaurant he ran out of his grandmother's kitchen--flipping pancakes for the "neighborhood ladies."

"Having the ability to recognize opportunity is the first step toward success," Rancic said. "But reaching out, grabbing hold of it and doing something about it is the difference between having a good idea and achieving your goals."

Next up was the World of Hairdressing presentation, where Farouk Systems artists showcased looks from their respective countries, from Korea, Brazil, US and Turkey (to name a few) to a standing-ovation audience.

VP of Shows and Education Lisa Marie Garcia welcomed the audience with an outstanding message of thanks to Farouk Shami and Basim Shami for investing in the next generation of hairdressers through the CHI Cosmetology Program--and announced an exiting partnership with the Lone Star College that students can now earn an Associate's Degree in Cosmetology--bridging the gap between university and trade schools.

Garcia also introduced the newest collection, Beauty Clash--“Its name comes from taking a refined and elegant look and then tying in a tougher, punk vibe,” she said.

Following the opening General Session, Farouk Shami made himself available to sign copies of his new book, American By Choice--a story shocasing how Shami came to the US is $71 in his pocket and is now living the American Dream.

His story takes readers from early childhood and the devastating affects of war, to the quest for a better life. "This is about a man's journey to be the best at what he does," the book states. "His love of the beauty industry and people drove him to find answers and solutions. Environment, education and ethics are his company's mission and his personal motto."

Continuing into the day are interactive booths set up as learning centers, staffed with Farouk Systems scientists, members of the marketing and product development teams, so guests can learn about the technology behind the new launches and tools.

“People can really get in there and learn about our products,” says Garcia. “These breakout rooms feature international teams doing styling and showing how to duplicate runway hair or hair from Miss Universe.” 

Basim Shami, Chief Executive Officer of Farouk Systems, shared big news on stage--announcing that Farouk Systems will now be participating in New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week--huge news for the Farouk family. Andre Chiavelli, Executive Vice President of Global Corporate Strategy, gave detailed information on Farouk's efforts to end conterfeit CHI products and tools--bringing the dollars back to the salon and professional environment.

“Farouk’s passion for the hairdresser is still our focus and Basim’s message is all about how we’re taking that to the next level,” says Garcia. “Basim introduced the next generation of Farouk Systems, sharing our global strategy and our plans for our future.”  

Also announced at the conference is a partnership with Giuliana Rancic, red carpet reporter, co-host of Fashion Police and cancer survivor, and the Bright Pink Foundation. CHI will be working with Bright Pink, a national non-profit organization, focusing on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.

"If you can find breast cancer in its early stages, you have a 98% survival rate," she says. "The key is, you've GOT to do your tests and see your doctor."

In this video, MODERN sits down Rancic to learn what steps hairdressers can take to make sure you remember to also take care of yourself. PLUS find out what you and YOUR salon can do for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The conference will also host an awards presentation for the educators and distributors under the Farouk Family umbrella. Stay tuned for details.

In this clip, MODERN catches up with Andre Chiavelli for details on WHY Farouk wants you to "join the revolution," and how this family-owned company continues to innovate.

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