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How I Became a Hustler

Carlos Valenzuela | September 9, 2013 | 9:00 PM
Carlos Valenzuela

I admit, I don’t understand the digital generation. They appear to me more passive than my generation. Their silence, in the face of what a Latino like me would erupt about, confuses me. Is it me or is the traditional game of hustle dying, or hopefully evolving for the better?

Recently I delivered a success lecture to a group of young professionals where interesting private inquiries followed, leading me to wonder if what is so obvious to my generation is lost to others.

Just in case, here is what I would tell my son and daughter about a new venture.

 Super Enthusiasm: You must begin really fired up, if you are not, find the carrot at the end of your motivational stick. Maybe to buy a new car or house? Mine is always creating choices that allow me to act independently. You can bet things will not go according plan. This is when you dip into the enthusiasm reserve tank and keep going, so begin with it fully loaded, or don’t begin at all.

Get Things Done: Sounds obvious, but you must have a daily hustle that creates value to what you do, perhaps ensuring incredible customer service, amazing trend styles, or fabulous promotions. You have heard this one before as being proactive instead of reactive. I would add, however, less talk and more action. Make a list and get it done.

 Create a Team: If salon services are about your relationship with a client, why do you need a team? Salon buddy support cannot be overestimated emotionally, technically and with plain old-fashioned watching your back. Be a friend first, because just like in life, if you look and act like a friend, you will find allies. Although I have clients who became friends, they were not my main go to source of support. This is just a personal choice on my part.

Know Your Elevator Pitch: I learned from the National Speaker’s Association to describe in 15-seconds or less what I do. Toastmaster’s calls this the elevator pitch, and it involves telling someone what you do and giving him or her a reason to “buy” it. “ I am a hairdresser at Cha Cha Salon here is my card, come for a free consultation, or I am a colorist and work with premium non-ammonia products that don’t harm your hair.”

Wishing you all enthusiasm and stamina. It will be needed.



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