How To: Voluminous, Bouncy Hair with Brazilian Blowout

Anne Moratto | September 10, 2013 | 3:10 PM

Taking hair from frizz to fab, Brazilian Blowout products smooth without deflating volume. This Brazilian Blowout styling technique requires just two products and a few simple steps to achieve bouncy, flowing waves and a shining finish.

How To: Voluminous, Bouncy Hair with Brazilian Blowout PRODUCTS: Brazilian Blowout Volume Thermal Root Lift, Brazilian Blowout Volume Body Boost Powder

TOOLS: Blow Dryer, Round Boar-Bristle Brush

Step 1: To ensure long lasting volume and body, wash hair with the Brazilian Blowout Volume Shampoo followed by the Volume Conditioner.

Step 2: Thoroughly towel dry hair, then section and lightly apply Brazilian Blowout Instant Volume Root Lift directly to the roots. Next, blow dry the roots of the hair. For optimum volume, lift sections and direct nozzle at the roots.

Step 3: Rough dry the roots, and begin the blow dry. Use a large round boar bristle brush and medium to high tension. Starting at the crown, take a medium-sized section and wrap hair over the brush. Lift the brush up and away from the head and direct the blow-dryer nozzle at the root to create lift. Continue to dry the rest of the section, pull the brush down through the hair to create volume and add bounce.

Step 4: Repeat this technique throughout the rest of the hair.

Step 5: Next, shake a small amount of Instant Volume Body Boost Powder onto the fingertips and rub together. Starting at the roots, lightly rub fingertips and pull up and through the hair. This last step will lock in lift at the roots, while adding a bit of sexy texture.

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