Do You Have Style Insight? Maybe This Is the Career for You!

C. Jeanine | September 19, 2013 | 4:44 PM

Do You Have Style Insight? Maybe This Is the Career for You!

Are you a beauty professional with creative style and couture insight? If so, you may want to broaden your beauty career options and consider a job as a fashion or beauty commentator.


The Make Up:  Often times fashion commentators are professional journalists who are knowledgeable about the fashion and beauty industries. A growing number of beauty professionals become fashion commentators due to their expertise and experience. Fashion commentators share their opinions of past, present, and future fashion through television programs, radio broadcasts, magazines, newspapers, and online outlets.

Regimen: Research is an important role of a fashion commentator. Information is gathered many ways: interviews, fashion shows, social gatherings, special events, and social media. Frequently beauty professionals work as commentators on an as needed basis for broadcasting companies, production companies, magazines, radio, and television shows. Full-time fashion commentators often begin as interns and work their way up the corporate ladder.

Foundation: Minimum 5 years industry experience Degree in journalism or communications In depth knowledge of fashion and beauty Excellent communication skills. Ability to meet deadlines.

Making the Cut: Have a winning attitude and strong desire to continue your education. Locate and research companies that offer internships. Highlights Most fashion commentators enjoy their jobs. Perks sometimes include designer samples and other freebies. Commentators help to influence what people purchase and wear. What a great way to make your mark!


C. Jeanine Fulton

This is an excerpt from Industry In:Site, 101 Top Beauty Careers book.

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