HOW TO: Breaking-in a Boar Bristle Brush

Faatemah Ampey | September 27, 2013 | 8:50 AM

Hello Beauty Makers!

As we all know breaking in a new round brush can be quite the chore. This age old salon problem has a solution!  Here is my tried & true salon solution to breaking in a boar bristle brush.

*Rubber glove needed

STEP 1: Hold Round brush horizontally.  Begin to rotate the round brush in a circular motion, in the direction you would when styling hair.

STEP 2: Place your gloved hand on the brush.  With gloved hand, apply pressure in opposite direction as you are rotating brush towards your body. This will create friction and soften the bristles of the brush. Do this rotating action approximately 20 times.

STEP 3: Using warm water and an anti-bacterial soap dip (do not soak) natural bristles several times into the warm soapy water. Rinse brush with cool water. Let air dry. Remove brushes and air dry.

STEP 4: Voliá! Now give your new softer brushes a whirl in your clients tresses.

If you have any Tried &True salon solutions to share with Faatemah please share! Send a photo of yourself and your salon solution and you may be featured in Faatemah's blog.

Photo story by Faatemah
Photographer Shahir Ampey
Brushes courtesy of Ibiza

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Hair Cutting Hair: Sam Villa ArTeam; Makeup: Nicole Schimel; Fashion Styling: Brittany Hart
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