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HOW TO: Sophia Vergara's New Color Formula

Maggie Mulhern | September 27, 2013 | 9:06 AM
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Sophia Vergara gets a great reaction no matter WHAT she does, but the fresh color debuted on the red carpet at the Emmy's is creating quite the buzz. Celebrity colorist Rona O'Connor designed the new look and she offers Modern the exclusive on the formula, and as a bonus.... her RED CARPET RULES!

Rona's Three Red Carpet Hair Rules:

1) I always prep the hair with an equalizing spray or pre color conditioner. I love Goldwell Dualsenes Color Structure Equalizer Spray to even out porosity in the hair for better color absorption. For very damaged hair I love the new dual senses Goldwell Dualsenes Rich Repair Regeneration Serum.

2) I don't use just one color. I always use several shades to create dimensional reflection and sparkle.

3) I always finish with a shine enhancing gloss or glaze. I love Elumen for intense shine and long lasting results, I think of it as polyurethane for hair. For a natural toning gloss, I love Goldwell colorance.

How to get the color:

Starting with a level 7 base.


1) Goldwell Top Chic 15ml 11A mixed with 30ml 40 vol. developer

2) Goldwell Oxy platin lightner mixed with 20 vol. developer to desired constancy for balayage

3) Goldwell Top Chic 10ml New Blonde with 10 ml. 20 vol. developer

4) Goldwell Colorance 15 ml 8G 3ml 10V 36 ml Colorance developer


Prep hair with pre color equalizing spray to even out porosity.

Step 1. Foil slices of very fine highlights across the crown with formula 1. Process for 20 minutes.

Step 2. While the foils are still in the hair, apply formula 2 in a balayage or painting technique to create sun flicks. Randomly paint in 1/3" ribbons 1" apart, RANDOMLY from the mid lengths to the ends. Apply this technique vertically around the whole head and process until golden blonde. (Approximately 10-15 minutes on fine to medium textured hair)

Step 3. To keep your techniques neat and to prevent mixing bleach with color, rinse balayage pieces first, then take out your foils, rinse and shampoo with Goldwell Dualsenes Color Fade Stop Shampoo

Step 4. At the bowl, Apply formula 3 on the hairline from ear to ear and the paint out the entire length of the hair. Process 5 minutes for 1 level of lift. Shampoo with Goldwell Dualsenes Color Fade Stop Shampoo

Step 5. Apply formula 4 to towel blotted hair, process 7-10 minutes. Rinse and condition with Goldwell Dualsenes Color Extra Rich Detangling Conditioner.

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