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The 500 Business Card Challenge

Ivan Zoot | September 27, 2013 | 10:10 AM

In this world of high tech social media connection,  who is willing to go old school?  Barbering is classic.  It is old school.  I will state the belief that all this instagramming, tweeting and facebooking is not as powerful as classic old school marketing of barber haircuts.  The personal referral needs to be just that… personal.  Not cold, flat and one dimensional seen on a Samsung screen.

The 500 Business Card Challenge

Shake a hand.  Pass a business card.  I bet a FREE tube of Zoot hair ClipperGuy Firm Hold hair gel that old school marketing sells old school haircuts better then the web does.  Are you willing to test this theory with me?

I am throwing out the 500 business card haircut challenge.  A small box of business cards is 500 cards.  You can buy a box for less than $9… less than the cost of a single haircut.  Buy a box of cards… make them just a bit different from your everyday card… so you can tell them apart.

Pass out the entire box of cards in a single month.  500 cards divided by 30 days is 17 cards per day.  Give the cards directly to an individual human.  Shake their hand.  Ask them to come see you for a haircut.

Can you introduce yourself to seventeen new people every day for a month?  I bet you can.  Everywhere you go.  Anywhere you go.  Make it your obsessive, determined goal to give out all 500 cards in a single month.  It will be exhausting.  Some days you will be out at midnight just to find guys number 15, 16, and 17.

I am willing to bet on several things.  I will bet you have NEVER given away 500 cards in a month before.  I will bet you will get new clients this way.  I will bet you will cut more new clients in the month after you give away 500 cards than in any other prior month.

Try this.  Email me your results.  The haircutter who does this and can report the highest new haircut traffic total gets the FREE Zoot hair gel.

Email me images of your cards, too.  We can share card ideas… see what works.  Experiment with different offers on different cards… see what works best.

… and I am in this with you.  The image posted with this blog is of my new box of 1,000 Zoot Hair ClipperGuyb products business cards.  I am trying to give away 500 of them on the month of October right along with you.  I will report back on my new business and my successes.

Happy clippering!


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