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Wendy Williams...Behind the Scenes Beauty

Maggie Mulhern | September 29, 2013 | 10:07 AM
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Wendy Williams wears a wig every single day...every single minute to hide her own fine, spare hair. She developed Wendy Williams Hair World, a line of wigs for EVERY woman, to not only hide the effects of thinning hair, but to add glamour and opportunities to even the most hair gifted women out there.

I met with Williams recently in NYC in her make up room just around the corner from the set of the Wendy Williams Show. I hate to be "that person"...but I must say I LOVE WENDY WILLIAMS. She was so much fun, so genuine, so honest (I think!) and down to Earth. We spent just 25 minutes together, but I had the BEST TIME!

I hope that shows in these videos. In part one we discuss hair and Wendy Williams Hair World. As we neared the end of the interview Williams invited me to see what she has going on under the wig. It's not as horrible as she thinks (we are all so hard on ourselves) and we discuss that in part two. The third video is an interview with Antwon Jackson, Williams's hairstylist and a master at cutting wigs. He offers his tips on how to combat the most difficult wig challenges.

Check out these videos and learn why every client should bring her wig...either from Wendy Williams Hair World or from any wig designer, to a professional stylist for personalization and for that salon touch.


Wendy Williams' wigs are available at and

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